World Cup Soccer at Elk Ridge Middle School

DSCN5979You don’t usually think of World Cup Soccer coming to a local school near you, but that’s what happened at Elk Ridge Middle last week. The school hosted its annual World Cup Soccer of World languages, part of foreign language classes at Elk Ridge. They started with 10 teams that would fight it out to become the top country in the school and maybe even have some bragging rights along with it. In the semi finals it was Cuba vs. Bavaria and Germany vs. Lichtenstein. Bavaria won easily and punched its way into the finals.

After a very hard fought battle between Germany and Lichtenstein, like the real World Cup in 2014, Germany would punch their ticket to the finals. Now, here it was the big day, all the bragging rights were on the line, as Germany took on Bavaria. Asking one of the teachers who would win, she said with full confidence “ Bavaria is going to win.” But little did she know, her prediction was wrong. The final score was 7-2 Germany winning by a landslide and taking home bragging rights and the coveted the Elk Ridge World Cup! Check out more photos on our Facebook page. Photos and story by Brice Nokes, Riverton High Senior and Communications Department Intern.


You Have to See This Amazing Bingham High Artwork!

Every year art students at Bingham High take their talents to the sidewalk outside the school for a chalk art production called ‘Chalk the Walk.’ The result of this year’s event is something that is colorful, creative and truly amazing. Take a few minutes to watch this video shot and produced by Bingham’s own Emerson Ford and see these students making magic on their sidewalk canvas.

Fun Fact Friday: Assessed Valuation Per Student

Assessed valuation per student essentially shows how much taxable property there is for each student in the district.  Assessed valuation primarily includes residential, commercial and centrally assessed properties. A district that has higher assessed values or fewer students can keep tax rates much lower. A district that has lower assessed values or more students requires a higher tax rate to bring in the same amount of revenue per student. Take a look at the most recent numbers for assessed valuation across the state.

Bring Your Dad to School Day a Huge Success

IMG_0217It was an idea to bring students, their classroom studies and dads together for part of a day. Westvale Elementary held a ‘Bring Your Dad to School Day,’ and it was such a success, dads are asking the school to do it again. It was a fun morning where dads spent time working with their children in the classroom, in some cases observing what goes on and in other cases diving into daily lessons. Thanks to the several hundred dads who showed up and are making a difference in the classroom and the lives of their children. Enjoy a photo gallery on our Facebook page.